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Capturing the most important day of your life! I strive to create special memories with you and your spouse. I want to capture your excitement and love for each other in a creative fashion. When coverage ends- you'll find me on the dance floor ;)

Starting at $2679 + GST


Don't want the classic big ballroom bash?
No worries- I'd be THRILLED to accompany you to get some sweet shots of your intimate celebration of union together. Mountain Top? Lakeside? Beachfront? You tell me and I'll be there.

$850 + GST

Local Lifestyle

Haven't had professional photos done in YEARS? Are you celebrating an anniversary or family milestone? Or maybe you just got your hair done and your feeeeeeling fiiiiiiineee!! I'm flexible when it comes to lifestyle sessions- in home? In Nature? Downtown?

Starting at $400 + GST


Do you shoot destination weddings?

YES, YES and did I mention YES!!!!! So here's the deal- if you are planning on having a destination wedding- I would LOVE to hear more about your vision!!! Let's chat about some different options of packages for you!!!!

Will there be a second shooter?

I get asked this all the time! So the answer is...YES-there will be if you'd like one. I include a second shooter in my EMP SILVER AND GOLD packages. I also offer an add-on option to my BRONZE and SILVER packages.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

I am happy to accommodate a longer session, however If you are looking to extend a session- I require minimum 1 week notice, so that I can plan all of my sessions accordingly as I pride myself in being punctual.

What kind of gear do you use?

I am a Canon shooter! Always have been, always will be!!! I own 2 Canon full frame bodies, and they have both served me so well! I have 5 different lenses depending on the setting. I may change lenses during the session (this means your face gets a slight break from all the laughing)

Do I have to order prints through you?

No! The digital gallery I supply you with is 100% YOURS! You can do what you like with the photos, print through whichever provider you choose. I only ask that the images be downloaded in high resolution when getting them printed. I also have a print option via Pixiset- if you prefer to order through me!

What if we are very "awkward" behind the lens?

I HEAR THIS ALLLLLL THE TIME! And guess what- I've never had a client look awkward after the session. Here is my biggest tip- don't stress if you believe you are going to be awkward. I GOT YOU!!!! I am not looking for people to be perfect models. I am looking for 2 people to give me 100% trust, willingness to try the prompts I'm suggesting and lastly -BE LOOSE & HAVE FUN!!!!

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