Your gallery is completed- YAY!!!!

Now that your gallery is delivered and you have your memories on a link, what next?! This blog is going to answer all of the questions that are popping into your head at this moment!

I get a lot of questions about downloading images, printing images from my online store, making a favourites list and how to post these on social media!?!

I'm here to help, so this is a resource made specifically for you, to make the process of getting your high def. images the easiest way possible!

Step 1: Your Gallery Link

Your gallery has been emailed to you, and here's what it looks like.

Click on View Photos

Step 2: Download Your Photos

I recommend to everyone, download your photos right away! It is great to have this link for viewing and sharing, however download your photos to have on your computer hard drive!

This is a live link that will stay open for 1 year, after that it may be taken down and you'd have to send us an email to have the link again.

The Easy Peezy Downloading Process

  1. Click on the download button within the header of your gallery!

Enter your Email + The 4 digit Pin

Reminder: The pin is provided in your initial email with the gallery! (See photo in Step 1 of this blog post)

Select which Download Size

Select which download size you'd like, as I mentioned in my email, the web size photos are great for sharing on social media, it avoids Facebook or Instagram manually compressing the file sizes which can cause photos to look low quality or unsharp.

High Resolution are great for screensavers or prints!

The Download has begun!

The downloading has begun, and Pixieset will send you an email when the files are downloaded!

Photos are Ready!!!

Here are your photos to download for putting on your hard drive!

Favourites List

Create a favourites list, so you can easily access these favourite photos of yours!

Simply hover over the photo and click the heart to favourite a photo!

Print Your Photos!

Prints are a must! As much as I love digital files, prints are great decor for your home, they make you smile when you look at the picture frame AND they make great gifts for parents / grandparents / siblings / extended family...etc. You get the picture (lol great pun - get it ;)


The easiest way to navigate around your gallery is with this header. It is like your home page of your personalized website. It shows you how to download, favourite, and buy your images via my online print store!

That's It !!

That is your go-to guide for Pixieset! Thanks again for trusting me to capture your precious memories!!! I am ALWAYS here to help if you have additional questions, shoot me an email if you've got other questions!