Reason #1:

Providing The Ultimate Client Experience

First and foremost, it comes down to providing the best customer service I can to the clients who choose EMP over any other photographer. I am truly honoured and humbled by the fact that my clients do extensive amounts of research on photographers, and they decide on me! I feel so blessed that they have chosen me, and not only do I want to make sure I meet their expectations, my goal is to EXCEED the expectations!!! I want you to be thrilled that you chose EMP to capture the BIGGEST day of your life!!!!!!!! I understand that this is a huge decision, and such a significant milestone in your life. This is why for the past couple years, I created a cap, of how many couples I will serve each year. This is not strictly on a first come, first serve basis. After meeting with you and your fiancé for a cup of delicious coffee, and getting to know each other a bit better, I am able to extend my services if I believe we would be an AWESOME match!!!! Once I reach my cap for the year, I open up bookings for the following year. I have found this system to work very well for me, as I can focus strictly on providing an excellent experience for my couples each year!! I am a quality over quantity kind of person, whether it is in my business or personal life. I always have been wired this way, and always will be. I give you my word that if you choose EMP- I will always strive to BLOW YOUR EXPECTATIONS OUT OF THE WATER!!!!!

Reason #2:

Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle

I have always been a "busy bee", as I go about life and navigate what are priorities truly are to me. I have learned that I have a few major priorities in life, and I am not about to let any of them suffer. I take my health and fitness very seriously, and I know that when life gets too crazy, my healthy eating and exercise tends to take a back burner. I want to make sure that I have enough time in my weeks to meal prep for success, and can make it to a workout 4x per week. I am a devoted Christian, and like to make sure I have enough time in my day to reflect and do my daily devotions with the Lord. Another priority is my quality family time, I like to spend time with my fam jam whether it's just making sure I'm home for family dinners or watching a movie or playing monopoly, I cherish these times spent together. I am happiest when I get a little bit of everything in my days. I do my morning devotions, hit spin class, make some protein pancakes with a big cup of black coffee, then get to the computer for editing, admin, business meetings, goal planning, organizing, you name it! Anything photography related and that lights my heart on fire. My business is my baby and I get so excited with any task related to helping the business. Evenings are the best when I am around my family and I unwind after a busy, but fulfilling day. Of course my ultimate days are those SUPER SPECIAL Wedding Days where it feels like a marathon of go, go, go, and then coming home with those multiple SD cards that feel like pure gold.

Reason #3:

Keeping My Stress Levels Down

Keeping my stress levels down has never been an "easy" task for me. Before I got into photography, I was doing sales for a house painting company. I remember racing around from quote to quote, packing my schedule so tightly to make sure I was able to do it all. I remember specifically laying down one night and my heart would not stop racing. I could not do anything to help it slow down (No, this was not because I had my mind on someone special LOL). It was simply because I was living a life that was way too fast pace, and my mind would not shut off at night. I'd be unpacking each quote in my head, replaying exactly what was said, how I could have improved my sales pitch. I realized that I had to see my doctor about this, so I went to see him about my heart racing constantly. He asked what my schedule looked like, and when I started explaining it and saying I work about 60 hours/ week- he said well there's our answer. He instructed me to take it easy on work and bring my hours down, go for a 1 hour walk each day, and to do some deep breathing/stretching each day. My doctor had me wear this heart monitor for 24 hours to gather more information. Ever since this incident, I started prioritizing keeping my stress levels down and realized what strategies worked for me. I am aware that if I were to sign an unlimited amount of weddings each year, my stress levels would sky rocket from simply having too much to tackle.