I want to take the time to explain the WHY behind my company:

Why did I make the decision to dive into photography? I get asked this a lot and I think it is one of my favourite topics to talk about. 

I’m going to discuss 2 main reasons of WHY:

REASON #1: My never ending EXCITEMENT behind photos in general. 

Before purchasing a professional level camera, I was always that person on a trip who had to take an iPhone picture of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! 

I had done extensive research about being a photographer, the pros, the cons, the risks, and I talked with a few photographers and asked about their experiences as a wedding photographer. I finally decided to jump in and see what happens. I can honestly say that things took off a lot faster than I anticipated and I see some big photography goals ahead! 

When I took my first mentorship course with Double Exposure Photography, I specifically remember walking away with one thing Dennis mentioned, “Esther, I can already see how excited you are to start up, and this excitement will carry out your success in this industry.” Dennis also assured me to not give up on my dream of being a wedding photographer because he believed that I had what it takes to be a wedding photographer. I am so thankful for these words because I think about what Dennis told me every time I am driving to a ceremony on my way to capture someone’s big day! 

I can say my excitement has only grown since I launched my business. I find myself getting carried away with prompting couples to capture genuine love and evident joy. I also find that after every wedding or photo session I have to go straight home because I’m sooooo excited to upload and get some sneak peaks rolling!!!!

REASON #2: I look up to my big brother SO MUCH 

I have always had an endless amount of respect for how my brother created a company from his true passion and generous character. I love how he created REVIVE WASHING because he has a true passion for creating clean drinking water for those all over the world. His company is a house cleaning company, who donates 3% of every job to a country in greater need. I see how hard my brother works and treats his company like his baby and I see how much he loves what he does. 

Therefore, I thought about starting up a business of my own just like him one day, but I had no idea what product I would sell. I was doing some homework at my desk one day when I looked behind my computer to a storage space and I saw an old canon rebel camera that my sister-in-law had given me a longggg time ago. It dawned on me- what if I started my very own photography company??? 

I specifically remember announcing to my family that I was going to make this leap of starting up a photography company and dream of turning into a wedding photographer. They were all supportive and stood behind me with making this big decision, BUT my brother, David, was sooooooooo encouraging, supportive and just EXCITED for me. He said how this is such a perfect fit for my personality and said I am going to rock at it. David right away emailed me with a list of ideas regarding starting up a business and told me we will have monthly marketing coffee meetings to discuss how I can market my photography work. 

David was and still is my biggest cheerleader, by helping in any way that he can, whether that is giving me marketing tips, pose ideas, referring myself to his friends, sharing my work on social media, and lastly he is ALWAYS there to answer my phone calls when I’m crying T

Every time I run into a pickle and I’m upset, my immediate reaction is to call David. A couple of the recent phone calls to David happened when I had my photography scam and then my car accident. 

I’m so inspired by my big brother and I am so glad that I dove into photography and thankful that he was standing right behind me cheering me on- from day one!!!!!!