I know what you're thinking: "What the heck is an adventure session?!"

This blog post is about to answer that exact question!!!!

First things first- adventure sessions ROCK!!!!!! The best way I can describe them is by saying they are a recipe with 2 ingredients: The first ingredient: an epic location and the second ingredient being a carefree, trusting, couple!

I'll describe the location aspect first: It can literally be ANYWHERE! Yes, I have a list of recommended locations if you have no idea where to even start, AND YES, I'm open to suggestions if you have somewhere in mind that is sentimental to you and your partner OR you have researched an epic place that you saw online!

Now on to the most important ingredient! The COUPLE!!!! I can't do anything with a breath taking outdoor location, but no couple in sight!

SO- adventure sessions have to not only include a couple, but a carefree couple who are willing to cut loose, have fun and be goofy with me! I will coach you through it and have you feeling comfortable and laughing your way through the entire session.

There are many advantages to booking an adventure session and I'll outline a few of them in this post.


When you are out somewhere or travelling with your babe and you hand your phone to a stranger to take a picture, or you take a selfie together, that's great and they are always cute photos of you guys smiling at the camera!- Adorable!! BUT, when you are in the outdoors with your babe and you have a professional photographer with you (especially me), you aren't going to be standing there side by side looking at me with a typical smile... you are going to get once in a lifetime photos!!! You will 100% do things you have never done before and you are guaranteed going to have fun!!! Most importantly- you are going to receive a gallery of photos that are truly candid, full of genuine laughs and loving on each other!!!


Memories are made through these sessions!!! I had one client say "This is so rad, like when else would I be dancing in a lake with my man to 50 cent?!?" I just had to laugh, because it's SO TRUE! When you verbalize it- it may sound a bit ridiculous, but you will have the time of your life and I guarantee a good time!


These photos need to reflect who YOU are as a pair!!! No adventure session is exactly the same!! Each session is unique to the couple and how they goof around together! Some include more lifting, running, tickle wars, piggy back rides or spinning around together! I want it to reflect who YOU guys are together when no one is watching!!! It is part of my vision to have you looking back on your photos saying to yourself "I know exactly what I said to you in that moment or wow that photo is so US!!!!!!


We are going to have a good time no matter what. We will laugh together, dance and just have a grand time together!!!! I will 100% ask you to try new things and be open to specific prompts. It is my FAVOURITE thing ever when my couples say "We are down for anything you suggest!!!!" Makes my heart skip a beat and it is when I can be most creative, and create images that speak to my brand. (EMP as a brand strives to create the most genuine JOY shown through my images)


Alright- to wrap up I just want to mention that I think these adventure sessions make a GREAT GIFT!!! If you are ever unsure what to get your significant other for a gift- these will be a wonderful surprise to them!!! Guys- you will get some serious brownie points if you get an adventure session for your lady ;)

Got any remaining questions about Adventure sessions?! Hit me up!!!! I am always happy to answer any questions you may have!

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