I have a few key tips that I think will help you out when thinking about what to wear to your couples session with me :)

  • Start Formal! Go ahead, say YES to wearing a dress! I am always a big fan of a cute dress (long or short), because it dresses up the session and makes it cute, yet classy! (Plus you can get him to take you for dinner after ;)
  • Stick mostly to SOLID colours when choosing outfits- patterns have the ability to stand out too much or distract from the background or your amazing features. I always recommend solid colours, instead of crazy patterns. Subtle patterns are definitely okay!
  • Pack a change of casual clothes! I LOVE formal photos, but I also LOOOOOVEE getting some chill vibes, just hanging out with your babe in casual clothes. (Again- I usually recommend to stick to solid colours when choosing your casual outfit) Feel free to accessorize too - jacket, hat, cute scarf, different jewelry, shoe change? You name it!
  • If this is your engagement session- Go ahead and book your Wedding Day Hair & Makeup Trial for our photo shoot date!
  • Guys: Button ups are a big YES!
  • Need help deciding what to wear?! I'd LOVE to help! Send me photos of potential outfit options that you are considering!!

Not Recommended:

  • I don't recommend wearing patterns, because it can be distracting to the photo and take away from your beautiful features, as well as the backdrop. HOWEVER: If there IS a pattern outfit that you really want to wear- just shoot me a text with a photo of it and I can discern if we will be able to work with it! :) I'm here to help!!
  • 1 outfit: I always recommend doing 2 outfits, just simply for the fact of having that variety of photos to choose from!! Even if it just a different jacket or top that you pack along!
  • Clothes that feel to stiff and you find it uncomfortable! With your casual clothing choice- be ready to MOVE!!!! I'm going to ask you to do many movement prompts, so make sure your casual outfit choice is easy to move around in!

Formal & Casual Outfits Below From Some of my Recent Sessions: