You're ENGAGED - YAYYYY!!!!!!!!

AND you've chosen EMP to document this significant milestone in your life - YAYYYYYY!!!!!

Now, I know you are wanting to make the most of this session, and guess what? SO DO I!!! I wanted to give you some tips on how to make this special engagement shoot THE BEST IT CAN BE!!!

Tip # 1: Book your wedding hair and makeup trial for the date of your engagement session.

All dressed up with no where to go? It doesn't have to be that way!!! Book your wedding hair and makeup trial for the SAME DAY as your engagement session so you won't end up sitting at home looking like your best self. What a waste!! It will also give you two less things to worry about as you choose the perfect outfits for your session (see outfit tips below!). Finally, having your trial done for your engagement session will allow you to "test run" your hair and makeup for your big day. You can see which poses do the best job of showing off your hair and makeup in photos, and you can make sure your hair and makeup hold up to the elements you may encounter on your big day (wind, rain, hot weather, etc.).

Tip #2: Dress to impress! I want you to go over the top when choosing your formal outfit!!

Walk over to your closet and pull out all your fanciest clothes!!! Don't have any fancy clothes? Call up your stylish friend and ask to borrow that dress you love! Don't have any stylish friends? Go to the mall and treat yourself to a new outfit! After all, you just got ENGAGED. If this incredible life event had a dress code, wouldn't you agree that it would be a black tie affair? If you need outfit inspiration, the engagement photos on my Instagram page are a great place to start! When choosing your outfit, lean towards neutral or solid colours and stay away from bold patterns that may clash with the background of your photos.

Tip #3: Pack casual clothes for your second outfit and an extra pair of shoes that are comfortable for movement photos.

During your engagement session, I love to capture you dressed up AND dressed down. When choosing a casual outfit, think of the location we are shooting at. If your session is on top of a mountain and you and your fiance love to hike, then choose a cute hiking outfit to highlight an activity you love to do together! If you are a country-loving couple and your session is in a field with a barn, then break out the denim and t-shirt! We are also going to be MOVING, as this is KEY to capturing genuine moments of you as a couple, so make sure your footwear can handle it! You may be running, jumping, lifting, and spinning so BE READY!

Tip #4: Read up on my favourite photoshoot locations and decide what vibe you are going for!

I won't go into too much detail about this tip because ALL you need to know is at this link:

That link will take you to my blog post on my FAVORITE portrait locations. But, if you have a different location in mind I would LOVE to hear about it!!! I want to go where you feel most like YOU and I will scout the location beforehand to make sure we get all the BEST spots for your portraits. The location you choose will create the VIBE for your photos based on the colours in the background and the "natural props" we will be using (barns, bridges, brick walls, rocks, water, THE LIST GOES ON). See the photos below for examples of two locations with very different vibes. The colour schemes and “natural props” are totally different and the outfits chosen by each couple tell a different story. For instance, had the couple on the right chosen athletic outfits or swimsuits, the story would change completely!!

Tip #5: We will start shooting 2 hours prior to sunset to get the most BOMB lighting possible!!!!!!

Now, before you start Googling how to make your own sundial so you can be sure to schedule your session properly, please know that I can and will HANDLE it!! I will communicate the exact time that the session will need to start to make sure we are getting the BEST lighting possible. Why is it the BEST lighting? Just before sunset the air fills with a soft, flattering golden hue that brightens your face and makes you GLOW like a bride on her wedding day (hey, that's going to be you soon!). It is also known as golden hour, and I will make sure we don't miss it!!!!

Tip # 6: Get your nails did!!!

How do you tell the difference between a photoshoot of a dating couple and a photoshoot of an engaged couple? THE RING!!! So you best believe your newly decorate left hand will be in most of the shots. Now if that isn't a good reason to get a manicure, I don't know what is!!! So treat yourself girl! Choose a nail polish colour that will match the outfits you intend to wear during the engagement session. If you're not sure what you're wearing yet, then you can't go wrong with neutral colours like a nude shade or a slightly sheer or bright white.

Tip #7: You're dressed up! So go for a nice date night before or after the session!!

Remember Tip #1 when I suggested you make the most of your hair and makeup trial by booking engagement photos for the same day? Well why not get EVEN MORE out of your hair and makeup trial (and fancy outfit) by ALSO scheduling a date night for the same day. Before or after our session, treat yourself to a night on the town!! If it's your first time at our photoshoot location, I can recommend some sweet food and drink spots nearby so don't hesitate to ask!!!