Rick & Melissa, married 06/07/2020

Now I’m sure you’ve already heard this a few times, but I TRULY believe that the MAGIC happens when couples give me 100% of their trust and do all the poses I’m looking to capture. Rick and Melissa were one of those couples!!!

Melissa and Rick first met through friends and family. Fast forward to their engagement earlier this year at Stave Lake, the same spot where they first said “I love you”!! Melissa is a registered nurse and Rick is a firefighter, making them THE couple to call in an emergency. 

 While browsing the photos below, you may be thinking that the man officiating the wedding looks familiar. I thought the same thing… because it’s my Dad!! If you’re interested in an officiant/photographer package, we are the team for you!!! Not only do my parents know Melissa’s parents through church, but my Mom also graduated from nursing school with Melissa’s sister.

 The group limits imposed by the current pandemic created a wonderful opportunity for Melissa and Rick to turn their dream of a small wedding into a reality!! Melissa and Rick were married in Melissa’s parents’ BEAUTIFUL backyard in Langley on June 7. It was a great spot to enjoy some fruit in the sun post-ceremony with Rick and Melissa’s warm and welcoming family. That all sounds pretty laid-back, hey?? Melissa as a bride was no different!! She was happy to order her stunning dress online due to dress shops being closed, she wasn’t picky about details, and she didn’t want to be the center of attention. Melissa just wanted to marry the love of her life!!!!