"I knew you were the one for me when I saw you do your happy dance."

Josh and Megan are the most HILARIOUS couple I have ever worked with. Just scroll ahead to the photos below and there will be no doubt!!! Whether it's the photos of Josh and Megan, their wedding party, or their family, each one is BURSTING with GENUINE fun!!

Megan first messaged me on Instagram because her and Josh were drawn to the way my photography captured candid moments and genuine connections between people. They were BANG ON about what I'm aiming for in my photography, and may I just say that it feels SO GOOD to know that my style is so evident in my photos!! During my initial phone call with Megan we were really VIBINGG and it was pretty clear to both of us that we would be a good fit.

Josh and Megan were married in the backyard of Josh's best friend (who is also named Josh). The portraits before the ceremony were an absolute BLAST with Josh really taking my directions seriously. When I told him to sneak attack Megan from behind and give her a bear hug he took it to a whole other level by sprinting towards Megan and attacking her with his hug! As you can see below, it made for a beautifully genuine moment where Megan experienced both fear AND joy at the same time. These are a few of the MANY photos containing Megan's INCREDIBLY contagious smile, which made me feel like I'd known her for years. Despite the rainy weather, Megan was happy to dance around and lay in the grass, explaining that she can get her dress dirty because she only wears it once!

As if the portrait session wasn't already enough proof that Megan and Josh were meant for each other, here's a quote from Josh's vows to Megan: "I knew you were the one for me when I saw you do your happy dance". Their heartwarming ceremony was followed by a reception which involved sushi, pizza, and a tear-jerking speech by Josh's brother. Although I didn't understand every reference in his speech, I was still hit right in the feels along with the other guests!!

I finished off the event by receiving a "Thank You" champagne bottle from Josh and Megan, which I enjoyed with my parents during an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond the next evening. Add that to your list of reasons to break open a bottle of champagne!!

CONGRATULATIONS Josh and Meg!! You were an absolute delight to capture and I'm so thankful I got to celebrate with you two.