Ian & Ivy, married 05/20/2020

Ivy is yet another bride who I met working at Starbucks (thank you Starbucks!). Fast forward 7 years to a Facebook message from Ivy inquiring about a wedding photographer. I was PUMPED!!! We had A LOT of catching up to do so most of our first meeting was talking about this, that, and the other thing.

Ian and Ivy's wedding is another sweet example of a Covid wedding, where a couple puts aside the wedding plans they originally made so they can still be joined together in marriage. Ian & Ivy's church, the place where they first met, did an AMAZING job of supporting them to get married. One of Ian and Ivy's church friends hosted a backyard ceremony and friends and family found a way to attend. Some were able to be there in person, while others, like Ian and Ivy's parents, attended on ZOOM because they were unable to travel to Canada. The laughter and tears during their parents' speech shows that virtual attendance doesn't need to change how meaningful a wedding ceremony is!!

I should mention that this was the first wedding I've ever shot where I couldn't understand a word!! The whole ceremony was in Mandarin. However, the genuine moments of love and joy during the ceremony were no less meaningful to witness because they are moments we can all connect with regardless of the language we speak. BUT I still had a few questions for Ian and Ivy afterwards!!! I told them I liked that after they kissed the Pastor said something in Mandarin and then they kissed a second time! Ivy explained that the Pastor was telling them the first kiss was "too short!" I could understand why all the guests were giggling. How fun is that???

Speaking of fun, here's a FUN before and after of Ian and Ivy during their engagement and wedding photoshoots:

CONGRATULATIONS Ian and Ivy! Enjoy newlywed life!!!!!! Stay tuned for PART 2 of celebrating Ian and Ivy's marriage with their family in December at Brock House Restaurant!