Precautions were taken, adaptions were made, and safety above all else...

7 guests (+25 virtual)

Of these guests, the 7 physically present ones included: myself as photographer, my Dad as the Pastor, and brother as videographer. Having 7 guests present was very intimate and special, but the downside to this was that the groom's parents were not able to attend the ceremony because of Covid-19. I can imagine how difficult a decision this was, but a necessary one given the circumstances of Covid-19 in Canada. Thanks to Zoom Video Conferencing, the entire ceremony was on live stream for David's out of town family, Sarah's out of town family, and some of their closest friends.

Chairs set 6 feet apart

We only needed a handful of chairs set up since most of our guests were joining us virtually on Zoom Video! The chairs that were set up were set up according to households who live together. Between households we ensured there was a minimum of 6 feet between the chairs. David is a doctor and was on top of ensuring the chairs were spread out enough prior to the ceremony. I saw him out there making sure that social distancing was going to be happening. Nothing but respect for this guy (who I can now call my brother) !!!!

NO Hugs

Okay, but seriously- easier said than done. I struggled with this one big time, but managed to not hug my sister after she got married. I could see how difficult this was for others too- especially my mom. We all stood from 6 feet back after they got married and made eye contact saying "Congratulations, we are so happy for you!!" It just seems so insincere doing it this way, but we had to social distance. Our Oma had the famous line of "Well after this is all over, I'll hug you to death." Then corrected herself saying, maybe not too death, but pretty close. Anyway, Sarah & David can both expect a tonne of hugs coming their way in the future!!!!

Pics taken with 6 feet

David and Sarah obviously still wanted to get photos with the guests who were physically present at their special wedding day, but it was not your typical portrait! I asked each household to come into the frame and stand 6 feet away from the happy couple! I made sure to not come closer than 6 feet when taking photos of David and Sarah (was especially thankful for my close up lenses at this wedding). I typically don't get super close up to my couples while shooting, but I was definitely more conscious during these bridal portraits. I can say without a doubt, the distance did not stop me from getting my MONEY shots!!!!! Aghhhhh!!!!