MOH's Perspective:

The opportunity to see my older sister marry the love of her life is truly indescribable. I have been waiting patiently for this moment!!!! I was assuming, since we are best friends that she would ask me to be her MOH, and I joyfully accepted the position! I had no idea that wedding would take place 2 months earlier than planned, and with a significantly smaller guest list than planned. I can honestly say it did NOT affect how beautiful and magnificent this day was. It was so amazing to witness my sister's pure joy radiating all day long! From the moment she woke up to the moment of driving off with her new HUBBY!! I loved seeing the look as she walked down the aisle holding on to our Dad's arm and the biggest grin at David! It was the same big smile she had on her face after she started dating David. I got to have a special breakfast with my sister before her wedding that our mom made us, then styled her hair and off we went to the Fraser River Lodge for her big day! When the ceremony was about to start- I ran my camera over to a table at the front so I could do a quick grab n go when I walked down the aisle. So I walked down the aisle as Sarah's MOH, traded in the bouquet for my camera on the table, did a 360 and turned into the photographer. Esther, the MOH came back out during the social distanced dance party so I could put my camera down for a song and bust a move! I can't speak highly enough about Sarah's big day and what a privilege to be Sarah's Maid of Honour. (I'll need to find a creative way to share my speech that has been written for a year...)

EMP's Perspective:

I did not think I would see the day when I get the chance to capture one of my SIBLING's wedding days!!!! I was not in the photography industry for 2 of my other siblings weddings. And I was asked to be a bridesmaid for my older brother's wedding in 2018!! I was THRILLED when David and Sarah asked me to capture their big day. The original plan was that I would take their portraits, and they had hired someone else to do their ceremony in June. Since the change of plans due to COVID-19, I got to step in to the shoes of doing full wedding day coverage! It was a privilege to get to capture the excitement from the moments of getting ready, pre ceremony excitement, ceremony, all the emotion and joy between these two love birds, their portraits and their social distanced reception!! I can say that this is definitely the smallest guest count wedding that I've shot, but nevertheless, such a SPECIAL DAY!!!!! I think this would be an appropriate time to say how capturing this day got me "RIGHT IN THE FEELS!!!!!!" Like WOW, I was feeling it! Such an absolute joy to capture David and Sarah's big day!!!! The social distanced reception was really something special, shoutout to Boston Pizza for the excellent food and Sunrype for the refreshing juice boxes!!