I think the cover photo speaks for how PUMPED Sarah was...

First off- you will never meet a more GIDDY couple than Dave and Sarah. I have said this since their beginning days of dating. Prior to a date night with Dave, the morning of you would find Sarah literally dancing around the kitchen while packing her lunch for work. She had a big GRIN on her face and our Dad would say "Oh it must be date night!" She'd reply "You guessed it!!" It was evident that Dave was the one for her, an exciting time and she knew she found her soul mate!

Let's back up- just to provide you with some context. I am very close to Sarah and have known her for years (she happens to be my older sister haha) She is one of a kind, selfless, generous, sweet and a strong woman of God. I respect her so much and have always wanted nothing but the best for her. I had been praying that a good Godly man would come into her life. She was very against online dating even though I used to nag her about making an account. She said she wants to meet someone the old fashioned way. I stopped bringing it up for a while and then my brother was about to get married and we had our sister-in-law's bachelorette in Portland coming up. I schemed with my sister-in-law (Alex) about how we have Sarah in the car for 6 hours and should try convince her to try online dating in a kind way. Alex brought it up in such a gentle manner and Sarah still seemed uneasy about it, but she didn't give a firm yes or no.

A couple weeks later, Sarah and I had a sisters trip to whistler. On the drive up- I was the co-pilot in charge of music on her phone. I went to change the music and this strange Instagram DM popped up on her phone. I said what the heck, who is David Garthie?! She completely played dumb, "Oh that's weird, must be spam- I'll look at it later, when we get to the hotel." I'm like alright, I'll defintley investigate that later.

Next thing I know, we are in whistler and she has this huge smile on her face while messaging this "David" guy. He had found her on e-harmony but couldn't message her on there for some reason. David found her on instagram and messaged her to say how they had matched on e-harmony. I finally got it out of her that she had made an e-harmony account and this man had peaked her interest. One thing led to another and they had their first date at Kits Beach to get an ice cream. She promised that she would text me that she is safe and he's not a total creep. Sarah never texted me- so I immediately assume she's been abducted by him. I phone her and this mystery man had answered the call. I panic and hung up right away, I freak out assuming that I'm right in assuming she's been abducted and he took her phone too so her family can't track her! Sarah phoned back right away to say she's safe and that was just a joke for him answering the phone. I did not appreciate the joke as I was so freaked out for a few minutes. Anyway- Dave & I made amends over that prank the first time I met him in person.

Fast forward, after 1.5 years of dating, I receive a very exciting text from Dave that he is planning to propose and he wants ME to capture the big moment!!!! I WAS PUMPED-to say the least. This was the big moment that Sarah had been waiting for and how special that I get to be there and capture this milestone for her and Dave. We surprised her by making sure I suggested them modelling for me at Grouse while the snow was fresh. Sarah actually invited me along with them on this snowshoeing date- I said I hate snowshoeing, but I guess I'll tag along if you guys model for me so I can get some boss pics out of it. She said they would be happy to model for me (for the 5th time lol)

Anyway we get to Grouse and start snowshoeing- I had to decide where to suggest pulling off for some shots and this spot looked absolutely stunning, so I looked at both of them and said this looks pretty nice over here. They agreed and we pulled off to start snapping some shots, after a few fun prompts I suggested one of my sneak attack prompts where the guy comes running from behind and hugs the girl from behind then picks her up. Dave didn't come running towards her for the sneak attack- but he had his own sneak attack planned. It was quiet for a few moments and there were no sounds of footsteps so Sarah just kept waiting. Dave called her name and she turned around for the GRAND SLAM PROPOSAL!!!!! I think you can tell from these photos that she was absolutely THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This giddy couple just got even giddier lol. They cannot deny the huge smiles when they look at each other, and quite frankly they cannot keep their hands off each other. (Gets a little uncomfortable at family events lol)

I am sooooo beyond happy that my older sister has found the one whom her soul loves and she gets to spend forever with her prince and protector!

See photos below of their special proposal story at Grouse Mountain.

Side note- their love story kinda makes me want to make an E-Harmony account...