How many different shoots can you do in 3 hours?

THAT is the kind of question I asked myself when I decided I wanted a fun promo video for EMP!!! In order to make a truly FUN promo video happen, you need a team of the BEST and BRIGHTEST. So, let's look at my team line-up:



Ariana of Everness Films made my vision a reality! As you can see in my promo video, Ariana captured candid moments between me and my clients and included clips that highlight my personality.


No, I'm not talking about one of my favorite shows. I'm talking about my cute married friends Nate and Kate, who got dressed up in their wedding clothes again JUST FOR ME. I also wanted an adventure couple, so I looked no further than my friend Sam and her boyfriend Cole. They were the perfect choice given their love of travel, adventure, and PHOTOS. Finally, shout out to Joel, a friend of a friend who had just bought a motorcycle and agreed to join our convoy to Pitt Meadows so Nate and Kate could be a biker couple for the night. Pro tip: be sure to reward your models with Panago pizza, pop, and lawn chairs on the side of the road. Dinner with a view!!!



I'll bet you've never been to a picnic like the one in the photo below, and I have Ferguson Event Decor to thank for that!!! Their work will help you create the story you want to tell with your event or photos. They will also raise your standards when it comes to picnics.



Grazing is not just for farm animals anymore! It's an AMAZING Australian trend where people enjoy boxes and entire tables of luxurious foods you would find on a charcuterie board. Not only did my models get to participate in the Australian grazing trend during their shoot, but I was lucky enough to finish off the "graze box" with Nate and Kate after everyone took off. I HIGHLY recommend enjoying the graze box the way we did: on a vintage couch on the side of the road with a can of Bubly.



Shayla with Rose Quartz Beauty aims to empower women with her makeup skills, and I'd say Kate looks pretty empowered in the photos below (particularly in the motorcycle shots). If you need to look like your BEST SELF for an event, Shayla is your girl!!!

Saw something you liked but it wasn't mentioned yet? Here are the rest of the vendors who deserve a SHOUTOUT for their role in an AMAZING collaboration shoot:

1) Kate's wedding dress supplied by David's Bridal


2) Kate's casual dress supplied by Muse Fashion


3) Nate's watch supplied by Tissot USA

At the end of a 3 hour shoot in the blazing heat I felt like I was going to FALL OVER. It was like directing and shooting a movie with all there was to think about and prepare for. But boy oh boy, was it ever WORTH IT!!! I couldn't have done it without the amazing team mentioned above. Nate and Kate even offered to help me tear down the decor at 10 PM in the pitch black, EVEN THOUGH I told them they could leave me there alone and head home. Find the kind of friends who will laugh at your offer and help out instead of leaving you alone on the side of a road late at night.