This engagement shoot had a special place in my heart because Bryan has been my brother David's best friend for the past 6 years or so. Most people know how close I am with my big bro, so naturally I became close friends with Bryan too! For years I've been excited for Bryan to find his other half, and I LOVED capturing the moment he asked Krystal to be that person!!! 

Bryan and Krystal’s love story is BASICALLY a Rom-Com. The seed for their relationship was planted a long time ago when Bryan’s Mom and Dad told Bryan about a girl named Krystal, pushing him to ask her out on a date. However, as with most Rom-Coms, the timing of their love connection took a little while to work out. Krystal was in a relationship, then Bryan was in a relationship, and then the timing FINALLY aligned. They were BOTH single and Bryan asked her out on a date. 

Now you may be thinking, "Esther said this story was a Rom-Com, but so far I've only read about romance". Well, for the comedy part of this story I need to go back to when I was 16 years old and working as an admin assistant/grocery shopper/chef for my brother David. One day I got locked out of his house and forgot the key at home. My first thought was to text his best friend Bryan who lived up the road and probably had a spare key. Instead of explaining that I'm locked out and need a key, I just texted "HELP!" I'm not sure if you know this, but that kind of text usually signals a situation much worse than forgotten house keys. I was quickly reminded of that when Bryan immediately called my phone ready to come over with a baseball bat in hand! All I can say is that Bryan passed my unintentional test of bravery, making him more than capable of protecting his future wife Krystal!!! 

Fast forward 6 years and Bryan is calling my phone again, this time with an engagement ring in hand instead of a baseball bat! Bryan told me the ring had arrived in the mail a few hours ago and he thought EMP should be his first call. MUSIC TO MY EARS!!! 

The proposal plan went perfectly. Since Krystal and I had never met, I could relax on a log at Whytecliff Beach in the exact spot Bryan planned to drop a knee. I pretended to be taking nature shots until the moment came and I swooped in to capture it all! As you can see in the photos below, Krystal immediately noticed me quickly approaching! 

After their big moment, Krystal and I had proper introductions and we carried on with the engagement shoot. Bryan’s favorite poses were those that showed off his BICEPS and CHEST since he had done some bicep curls and push ups that morning to prepare for the photoshoot. 

Congratulations Bryan and Krystal! Have a BLAST planning your big day!!!!!

VENDOR SHOUT OUT to Majesty Diamonds on the East Coast who helped Bryan choose Krystal's GORGEOUS engagement ring!!!