Heeeeeyyy!! Who's Esther??

My Name is Esther Truus Moerman. I have a passion for people, photos and tacos. 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. I was told that it would be unwise because the market is too competitive, gear is way too expensive and it needs to stay as a hobby. I was discouraged by these comments and thought twice about launching a business. However- I had a dream and was ready for this new chapter in my life.

I worked part time at Starbucks and was in school with the hope of becoming a Registered Nurse. The moment I decided to RE-ROUTE my life was when I found myself volunteering in an Emergency Room and witnessed somebody being wheeled on a stretcher with blood all over their chest, I glanced over and immediately felt sick to my stomach. I ran to the bathroom and started crying because I had the realization that I can't do nursing. A week after this happened, I came home from Douglas College and threw my Anatomy & Physiology Textbook on the ground and told my Mom that I'm sorry, I can't do it. My mind isn't wired for this kind of schooling. My Mom hugged me and told me I need to choose a career that I enjoy and am passionate about.

I think those were some of the most impactful words that were said to me. I knew in that moment that I am not the type of person to choose a "safe" job. I need something that lights my soul on fire and excites me! I want to wake up and be STOKED about what I have on the agenda. That was that. I went out and bought a full frame camera and a portrait lens. (Met a guy off Craigslist in a bank parking lot) Bit sketchy- but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?!

I cannot believe how much joy has come into my life because I decided to pursue my dream! It's been 4 years and the fire inside me has only gotten bigger. I still come home from each shoot PUMPED ON LIFE and treat that SD card like a little piece of gold that I just worked hard to dig up! I gently plug it into my computer, tell myself that I'll just edit a few for now and then get some sleep. Spoiler alert...THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!!! I end up staying awake til 2 or 3am and lose track of time because I'm wayyyyy to excited about these new photos I've taken, but more importantly the special memories I helped create for my wonderful couples.

Anyway, enough about me and how I got here. I want to know more about YOU! I want to know how you ended up on my page and I want to get to know you!!!! Find your way to the contact button and I just have a feeling we are gonna hit it off!!!!! Can't wait to meet you, spoiler alert- I'm a hugger :D

New Zealand 2019



“Esther was super easy to work with & very personable, while being professional throughout the entire process before, during & after.  She captured some fantastic candid & natural photos of our wedding day- which was exactly what we were looking for! Esther managed to capture the overall fun, laid back vibe of our wedding- which matches Esther's personality too! She was basically like another guest at our wedding, effortlessly moving & flowing through the day with us, and joked and laughed with us all day!”